Colon Cleansing Kit Rip Off Buyers Guide

Various kits are available for colon cleansing. But to get the right one, here is what you need to look at, especially when you are shopping online.

  1. Colon Cleansing Kit Rip Off Buyers GuideCheck the ingredients: A lot of companies provide a long ingredient list simply to impress customers. But these may not really work for a proper colon cleanse. Check the list of herbs and do a little online research on them to ensure that you have only those that cleanse the colon because there are products that are really good and there are products that are not so good. Whatever it is, it cannot be decided by taking a look at the cover alone. You need to check various other minute details to ensure you are buying the right product, especially while making an online purchase.
  2. Check the dosage: Just the way your intestines did not acquire this condition overnight, it is not possible to cleanse the same overnight. Moreover, cleansing twenty-two feet of your large intestine is not a joke! It cannot be done so easily. So, ensure to choose a kit that takes over a month for the complete process of cleansing the colon. The period may need to be extended in case your colon has a higher toxicity level. Go by the dosage that your doctor recommends.
  3. Ask people around: If you know anyone who has done a colon cleanse before, be sure to ask them a few questions as to what product they used or how effective the product was. You would also need to know if they may have faced any side effects during the process or post the same. Ask your good friends for suggestions which is even better (only if they have tried the same before). You could ask your local pharmacy but unfortunately some of them try to market the ones that are highly expensive for their own profitability.  Check out forums and blogs in which people have discussed the same thought, you may get an idea. Beware of false reviews. Check a number of sites and links before making a conclusion of your own.
  4. Colon Cleansing Kit Rip Off Buyers GuideCheck the kit for guarantee: Check the duration of the guarantee and go through the cash back policies in case the product does not work. Check the company’s site for the guarantee details.
  5. Go through the company’s profile: Check for how long the company existed in this business. Get details about any complaints lodged against this company through bbb’s (better business bureau) website. Check for endorsements of this kit online by anyone professional or by any doctor.
  6. Compare prices: Ensure to get a kit for a reasonable rate. Good kits that last a month cost between $40-$80. If the kit is cheaper, it probably is not of a very good quality. Consider whether the cost is worth the product with respect to the number of pills provided in the kit, the number of doses that are recommended, whether a booklet is available in the kit, etc. before you come to a conclusion to buy the kit. Also check the shipping charges which is hidden in most of the sites. If that is too much try to find the same in your local market.