Colonic Cleanse Diet

Best foods for colon cleansing

Though food is not meant to clean the colon, a good diet can help the process of digestion to run smoothly and help in preventing constipation. For this, high-fibre foods help a great deal. Instead of adding all these foods to your diet all together at one go, start gradually and then move on so that your body is able to adapt.Colonic Cleanse Diet

The myth

The colon is not actually lined with rotted food. Instead the colon contains several bacteria which help prevent waste build up inside. As dietary habits play a role in bowel movements, it is important to choose the right kinds of food that aid in helping waste flow through the system quickly. Irrespective of the ability to cleanse, minerals and vitamins must be added in a healthy diet for a healthy system.

Fibre-rich food

When you purchase grocery, try to find foods that are rich in fibre and are insoluble. Fibre helps in speeding up the movement of foods through the digestive system.

Wheat bran is highly rich in insoluble fibre with 11.3gms of fibre in half a cup. For a good fibre boost, find foods or cereals that are bran-based.

Kidney beans too are a high source of fibre containing 5.9gms in half a cup of cooked beans. Other major sources include whole-wheat spaghetti, green peas and flaxseeds. As per the dietary guidelines, you should have 14gms per 1000 calories of fibre.


Colonic Cleanse DietProbiotics are healthy bacteria that help the digestive system. Foods containing probiotics will therefore help the digestive system and aid in eliminating food. Probiotics are found in foods like miso, kimchi, sauerkraut and yoghurt. Some companies highlight this for marketing purposes. However, any foods that contain active cultures are sure to work out, so it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on fancy packages.

Thirst Quenchers

Constipation can be prevented by drinking plenty of water and liquids, though you literally cannot flush your system out just like that, liquids do help big time. Fluids like juice or tea also help but water should always be preferred. In case water becomes too boring, you may add a little bit of lemon for flavour. Men require 13 cups and women require 9 cups of water or fluids in a day to keep their bodies well-hydrated.