Holistic Approach

Importance of Colon Cleansing – Most of the people accumulate about eight to twenty pounds of decayed compressed fecal matter embedded in the corners, crevices and the inner lining of the wall of their intestine. This occurs due to several reasons like not drinking sufficient water, not consuming required quantity of high fiber diet, or ingesting processed, contaminated food.

At several other instances a mucoid plaque is gradually created lining the intestine despite of healthy eating habits due to chronic constipation. This mucoid plaque aggravates the constipation trouble by further narrowing the intestinal tract.

Regardless of the age, it is healthy to do a natural colon cleanse.  A survey was done on two individuals, in the midst of their twenties who underwent parasite and colon cleanse.

How to Naturally Cleanse an Impacted ColonThe outcomes are not uncommon. It is normal to let out enormous quantity of encrusted waste matter and worms, mucous, parasites and bulks of parasitic eggs.

It is very crucial to realize the importance and necessity of removing this decayed feces form one’s body. Undergoing colon detox and internal cleanse not only keeps you healthy but also prevents or reverses various health problems, hence it’s one amongst the important decision you must take for your welfare.

A toxic intestine leads to diverticulitis or diverticulosis, colorectal cancer, immune dysfunction, anemia, IBS and several other intestinal ailments besides the symptoms given below. It is also effective measure in prevention of Colon Cancer.

The putrid fecal entrenched on the wall of the intestine is the flourishing ground for parasites. No herbal formula or anti-parasitic drugs can get rid of them or even affect them unless the mucoid plaque (mucous and hardened feces) becomes softer and starts peeling off the intestinal wall.

A best colon cleanser must comprise of high grade fiber mix, herbal formula which kills the parasites and parasitic eggs, herbs which aids to increase peristalsis which in turn helps to eliminate the waste outside the system.  It is beneficial to use probiotics which are also known as “good” or “helpful” bacteria. Probiotic mixes of many strains help to keep your gut healthy by restoring the natural intestinal flora.

What does the term “death begins in the colon” mean? The mucoid plaque encrusted in the intestinal tract gradually creates a pool of decaying materials which begins to release toxins into the body – this is termed as Auto-intoxication. These toxins enter the blood stream and get deposited in various parts of human body thus weakening the entire immune system. Hence the body becomes prone to many other diseases.

Listed below are few of the symptoms which can be eradicated by colon cleanse and parasite elimination:

  • excessive farting/ gas / flatulenceHolistic Approach
  • protruding belly / bloating / stomach ‘pooch’
  • unclear thinking / headaches /  brain fog
  • burping / indigestion
  • IBS-irritable bowel syndrome
  • spastic colon / colitis
  • diarrhea / constipation
  • low energy / chronic fatigue
  • eczema / skin problems
  • immune dysfunction / allergies
  • muscle aches / joint pain
  • halitosis / bad breath / body odor

Natural Colon Cleansers: Finest natural colon cleansers and parasite removers are those which provide a complete and multi- faceted approach that are capable enough to:

  1. loosen and take out embedded faeces
  2. destroy and rinse out parasites from the colon, including Candida
  3. Provides probiotics that reinstates normal gut flora – the useful bacterial community that dwells in the intestine which helps in digestion, improves immune system etc.
  4. Be safe and gentle

A number of colon detox supplements are available out there, nevertheless only a few products addresses colon cleansing as well as eliminating parasites. The rest are merely made of purgative herbs that roughly eliminates fresh feces from the gut and are ineffective in loosening and expelling old encrusted poop. Such combination of mediocre ingredients is simply ineffective.

Holistic ApproachDiet for Colon Cleansing- the colon cleansing program works irrespective of the diet, but restricting to a healthy diet can enhance your results.  Favorable diet would be the one consisting of organic garden-fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

It is very important to drink adequate quantity of water during colon cleansing program. One must intake anywhere between eight to ten ounce glasses of water regularly, purified RO water is preferred.

This not only helps to eliminate the parasites and feces out of the system but also aids the kidneys and liver to process and take out the toxins let out by cells.

It is suggested to minimize or avoid cured meat, red meat, white flour, other refined foodstuffs, saturated fats,   sugar, coffee, milk products and alcohol.

Time duration to perform colon cleanse:  One colon detox kit lasts for thirty days. But, if it is the first time you are doing colon detoxification or if it’s been quite some years from your previous cleansing then you must continue it at least for sixty days. This will ascertain that all developmental phases of the parasitic life cycle have been effected.

Effect of colon detox on Pregnant and Nursing Mother: It is inadvisable to undergo colon cleansing or parasitic elimination during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is because exposure to toxins that are excluded from the mother’s body during the process might affect the developing fetus or new-born.

However, it is recommended to do it prior pregnancy since it will aid in proving much safer and healthier environment within for the developing fetus.