Drinks That Cleanse the Colon

Being the last step in the process of digestion, the large intestine prepares the waste to get excreted. Stools gets backed up in case bowel movements are not frequent enough. When this waste continues to remain in the system, toxins are formed which lead to various other digestive disorders. Colon cleansing will help in detoxifying the body. Get in touch with a doctor in case you want to have your colon cleansed.


Drinks That Cleanse the ColonDrinking water is the most cost effective and healthy way for colon cleansing. We have often heard our elders saying “you need to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water each day” when we were young. Not much was known about the reason or rather we were told that we would make grow tall if we did so! But really, why would we have to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day, helps the digestive system to run smoothly. Additionally, drinking water also prevents constipation, hard stools and dehydration.

Otherwise, you may add fibre rich powders in your water to cleanse colon regularly which is an even more productive method of cleansing the colon, since these fibres act as an agent to pass through the system along with the waste material with ease. Thus, colon cleansing prevents and treats constipation and increases the rate of bowel movement.


When stools are hard and difficult to eliminate and when the frequency of bowel movements are very low i.e., if it occurs only once in three or more days, the condition is known as constipation.

The best cure to this would be colon cleansing which would help transiting faecal matter at a fast rate. A study that was done on women suffering from chronic constipation issues proved that they experienced that the “colonic transit time”, i.e., the rate of faecal transit, was much faster and it reduced faecal obstruction.


Drinks That Cleanse the ColonThough the effectiveness has been experienced by many, colon cleansing being an effective treatment for some diseases including colon cancer lacks scientific evidence. Similarly, toxins produced in the colon due to inadequate excretion of waste also have no scientific evidence for proof.


People have started doing colon cleansing quite regularly as they experience the result of improved health conditions and increased energy in the body. They do it to prevent illness. On the contrary, few gastroenterologists claim that it is the other way round. In a study, they mentioned that this process may cause the beneficial bacteria to also get washed away which may lead to infections, electrolyte imbalances or even rectal perforations.

For a person who already has intestinal problems, a colon cleanse may lead to adverse effects. Those facing problems like ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, chron’s disease, kidney issues, internal haemorrhoids and tumors in the colon or rectum are at a higher rate of risk. It is extremely important to take a doctor’s advice before going for a colon cleanse.