The Most Effective Way to Detoxify Your Body

Chinese medicine states that, the body needs to be detoxified from the winter’s hibernation, so the best time to do it during spring. To shed illnesses, fatigue, body inflammation, etc. acquired during winter, spring is the best time to revitalize the body by expelling them through the process of detoxification. The after effect will give you a more vibrant effect than before.

Importance of detoxification

Today’s world is filled with toxins and so is our body. The body absorbs toxins from the environment and remains inside.

 The Most Effective Way to Detoxify Your BodyToxins in the body are acquired from the following:

  1. Pollution
  2. Drugs
  3. Pesticides
  4. Chemicals present in water and food
  5. Personal care products
  6. Household products
  7. Negative emotions and thoughts

Each and every one of us needs to get rid of these toxins from our bodies which contribute to most of the diseases and illnesses that people face today.  Though it is nearly impossible to escape toxic substances, it is possible to remove them with detoxification.

Hints for colon cleansing

Instead of doing a cleanse once in a while where the system is completely flushed, you could opt for a healthy diet that will cleanse your body on a daily basis. This, when habituated will become part of a normal life and you will remain healthier, cleaner, calmer, clearer and more vibrant. There are various detoxification diets available which may include casein-free, gluten-free and sugar-free diets.

Keys to successful cleansing

Cleansing is ingesting healthy food and helping the body excrete the toxins through natural detoxification processes like sweat, urination and bowel movements.

Here is the guide to detoxify your mind, body and lifestyle.

  1. Body

First, start with a healthy and balanced diet. Following are the key foods that must be included in your diet.

  •  The Most Effective Way to Detoxify Your BodyFermented foods: Foods as well as drinks that are fermented are filled with beneficial bacteria which live in the intestines and provide health and strength to the body called “probiotics”. These probiotics present in fermented foods like coconut kefir and cultured vegetables taste good, provide energy, give healthy skin, eliminate cravings for sugar and support the digestive system and liver.
  • Whole food green powder: Supplements are available that builds immunity and strengthens digestive health. These supplements can be taken by mixing the powder in water or any other liquid. It gives great energy.
  • Natural sweetener: Your health can be enhanced through a sugar-free diet. Sugar absorbs minerals from the body and causes inflammation and premature aging. Substitute sugar with natural sugar substitutes which taste exactly like sugar but do not have those properties that sugar possesses which are bad for the body.
  • Grain like seeds: Rather than using grain products and flour that clog the system making excretion difficult, use whole grains like millets, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth which support the digestive system.
  • Colon cleansing: The best way to support a detoxification diet is to do a colon cleanse in which water is used to eliminate all toxins from the intestines.

Cleansing causes symptoms like headaches, fatigue, congestion, etc. These are all positive indications that the body is in the process of being detoxified.

  1. Mind

Cleansing the mind is as equally essential as cleansing the body. The best way is to let go of negative thoughts and negative emotions, past grudges, etc. This way you mentally get relieved and feel fresher than before.

  1. Lifestyle

By slightly changing your lifestyle it is possible to bring about a healthy lifestyle and reduce the toxins in your body on a regular basis. Following are a few ways to go about it:

  •  The Most Effective Way to Detoxify Your BodyStress less: Try not to get stressed out easily. Ignore the small things that make you feel stressful.
  • Wear organic fibre: Unlike synthetic fibre, organic fibres do not contain chemicals that cause allergic reactions.
  • Choose personal care products wisely: Perfumes, shampoos and soaps contain various harmful chemicals which cause damage to your body and health.
  • Move around: By exercising every day, you sweat out all the toxins. So, exercise is the best methods of regular detoxification.
  • Create simplicity: Clear all the unnecessary clutter in your life. Cut out all kinds of unnecessary activities.
  • Sleep well: When you are deprived of sleep, you will find everything going wrong the next day. Get a proper sleep which is needed to repair, restore and cleanse your health.

Daily detoxification

Once you begin detoxifying your mind, body and lifestyle, you will be able to gain more energy and restore your health. Once you make this a habit and part of your daily life, you start living a healthy life.