Time for a Colon Flush!

A number of health aspects can be ruined if waste is not expelled properly from the body. Following are 7 signs that the colon is inefficient.

  1. Even after a good 8 hours of sleep, your body isn’t able to cope and you feel drained out and sluggish.
  2. You are strictly not in taking more calories than you should but you still seem to be struggling losing weight.
  3. You have started getting acne and your skin has become pale.
  4. You do not experience normal bowel movements. You probably have diarrhoea very frequently.
  5. You seem to be excreting in the form of a heavy paste.
  6. Although you practice a good personal hygiene, your body odour is foul and you’ve got bad breath.
  7. You fall sick frequently.

Time for a Colon Flush!A colon that isn’t working efficiently, does not only affect digestion but various other processes and parts of the body.

The colon’s basic function involves removing excess water from the waste and excreting the faecal waste.

When excretion does not take place, toxins accumulate in the system and cause various illnesses. The toxins then flow back in the body which result in allergic responses.

Over a period of time, this may turn into serious disorders like Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) and ulcerative colitis.

It could also lead to bowel cancer.

Causes for poor colon functioning

Diet tops the list for its causes. A low fibre diet causes blockage followed by slow movement of the faeces. Fibre does not digest. It acts like a cleaner in the digestive system which moves through the system along with all the other waste material until excretion. Thus, clearing the system and cleansing the bowel.

Diets with low fibre cause the wastes to accumulate like sludge in the colon and make it difficult for movement, thus, causing constipation.

A high fibre diet will therefore help the waste move out effortlessly.

Diarrhoea and Colon issuesTime for a Colon Flush!

As mentioned, the function of the colon is to extract excess water from the waste. So in case the colon isn’t functioning properly, the water is not extracted and the waste material remain watery which results in diarrhoea. That is when people complain of diarrhoea when it is actually constipation.

Bacteria are present in the bowel to help in breaking down food. In case the bowel isn’t functioning well, the non-beneficial bacteria as well as the beneficial bacteria vastly multiply as they have enough room for growth.

This causes production of gases which is their natural by product. Additionally, the excess bacteria cause digestive tract infections and you may fall sick.

Leaky Bowel Syndrome

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of high fibre foods. But nowadays, diets contain more meats that fruits and vegetables. With lack of fibre in the system, meats can remain in the system and decay. This leads to LBS (leaky bowel syndrome).

This causes toxins to pass through the wall of the bowel instead of getting excreted and thus causing allergic reactions like skin rash. Skin rash can thus be easily connected to improper bowel functioning.

As a solution, the system first needs to be detoxified and then a healthy diet, rich in fibre, must be adapted to.