Curing Constipation with Medical Marijuana

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent.  The normal length of time between bowel movements ranges widely from person to person.  Some people have bowel movements three times a day; others, only one or two times a week.  Going longer than three days without a bowel movement is too long.  After three days, the stool or faeces become harder and more difficult to pass.

You are considered constipated if you have two or more of the following for at least three months:

  • Straining during a bowel movement more than 25 percent of the time.
  • Hard stools more than 25 percent of the time.Curing Constipation through Medical Marijuana
  • Incomplete evacuation more than 25 percent of the time.
  • Two or fewer bowel movements in a week.

Symptoms of constipation can include:

  • Infrequent bowel movements and/or difficulty having bowel movements.
  • Swollen abdomen or abdominal pain.
  • Pain.
  • Vomiting

One of the most recent studies has suggested using medical marijuana to cure constipation. Medical cannabis, or medical marijuana, refers to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms. The use of cannabis as a medicine has not been rigorously scientifically tested often due to restrictions on the production of the drug.

There is limited evidence suggesting cannabis can be used to reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, to improve appetite in people with HIV/AIDS, and to treat chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Curing Constipation through Medical MarijuanaStudies indicate that cannabinoids in marijuana bind with cannabinoid receptors in the digestive tract, especially the small and large intestine, causing muscle relaxation, reduction of inflammation, analgesia, increased nerve-muscle coordination, anti-emesis, and relief of spasms such as those that cause nausea. Laxative is a term that is used to describe a substance that will help you to relax your bowels. There are many substances that can act as a laxative and the cannabis seed is one of them. The seeds contain fatty acids, vitamins and protein that make a healthy drink when you combine it with a shake. There were studies done with the use of the hemp seed pill. The studies found out that the cannabis helps the digestive system to stabilize and relax. When the muscles in your intestines are relaxed, it would be much easier for you to remove the stool in your body. Some also say that the cannabis can help your stomach with the digestion of your food.

Marijuana is known to have antiemetic properties (meaning it relieves nausea and vomiting) and historical medical references to the plant often include references to of the effects of cannabis as supporting digestion and colon health. Cannabis is able to act as substitute or dosage reducer for specific medications that cause constipation (e.g. opiates). Thus, medical marijuana may not only be a solution for constipation as symptom, but help cure some underlying causes of it.  Research is still going on regarding how marijuana helps in treating constipation but for now it is advisable that medical marijuana be taken only on doctor’s advice and not be taken as a form of self-treatment remedy.