How to Naturally Cleanse an Impacted Colon

An impacted or obstructed colon could be caused due to various reasons like a poor or a low fibre diet, insufficient water, sluggish colon, stress or illness. The condition could cause fatigue, headaches, discomfort and bloating. Certain steps can be taken to eliminate the waste but on the long run, permanent changes in your lifestyle and diet need to be done to avoid similar conditions in future.

Following are the steps to be taken for an impacted colon.

Step 1

You first need to determine if you really have an obstructed colon. Irregular bowel movement (it may be days or weeks together) is an obvious indication. When you do have a bowel movement, it may be narrow or scant. You might have experienced an urge to excrete but in vain.

Other indications include fatigue, bad breath, body aches and acne.Master Cleanse Diet for a Healthy Colon

Step 2

Follow a detoxification diet. Do not include refined sugars and flours, pasta, white bread, cakes, cookies, animal products like egg, milk, cheese, butter, etc. in your diet. Instead follow a diet which includes fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and brown rice.

Also, include soy, tofu, nuts and seeds to acquire adequate protein.

Follow this diet until a normal bowel movement is experienced, which is at least once a day. The time taken to achieve this with the detox diet may vary from one person to another. It may take a week or even a few months.

Step 3

Use pure water enema to cleanse the bowel. Do not buy enemas from medical stores as they may contain saline solution which leads to dehydration. Start with flushing colon in warm water. After two or three warm water flushes, gradually move on to cold water. This helps loosen stool and regulates colon movement. You may need to use one enema a day for week 1.

Master Cleanse Diet for a Healthy ColonStep 4

Before sleeping, take a cascara based supplement (a herbal supplement) every night. In case, there is no change, increase dosage by a single capsule. Ensure not to exceed six capsules per day.

Try not to use harsh laxatives like senna, instead use cascara sagrada, a natural laxative which is safe for use in the long term.

Step 5

After waking up, take Psyllium powder (a fibre supplement) every morning. The fibre eases movement in the colon and helps pushing out old faecal waste through the intestine.

Ensure that an ample amount of water is taken along with the fibre supplement to make movement easy and prevent blockages.

Step 6

Take a long walk every day. A minimum of half an hour of vigorous exercise is required on a daily basis. It could include aerobics, biking, jogging or power walking. This exercising helps improving movement of lymphatic fluid in the body, improving digestion and increasing energy. Additionally, it helps reducing stress which is a cause for constipation.