Colon Cleanse – Cure for Constipation

Constipation occurs most commonly in two age groups; the elderly and younger children. Therefore whether you have an elderly person in the family to take care of or if you yourself are climbing up the age ladder you will realise hard stool relief is an important aspect of their lives. The situation must be well scrutinized before deciding if constipation relief is needed for the elderly family member. Do not overreact! It is a general understanding that not having regular bowel movement is an issue, which in reality is not situation.

There are umpteen other reasons for irregular bowel movement amongst the elderly. For instance lower food consumption and slower processing by their body. Irregular bowel movement or missing it for one or two days isn’t a major concern, this also varies with each individuals. Thus you must watch out more substantial symptoms.

Colon Cleanse - Cure for ConstipationHard Stools

The primary factor to decide whether one is constipated or not is through the condition of the stool. If the bowel movement is smooth and easy there is nothing you need to worry. But in case you have to strain or forcefully push the hard stool out of your system, indicates that you might need constipation aid.

Discomfort and Pain

Constipation is associated with different types of discomfort and pain. Some experience cramps and feel the pain all through their abdomen while the solid stool makes way out of the system, while others feel bloated like their stomach is tightened and over stuffed.

Constipation Treatment

After analysing the symptoms and concluding that one certainly is a victim of constipation, certain treatments must be done to find relief from constipation.

Abstain Laxatives

It indeed is a painless and easy way to use laxatives to escape the discomfort and pain of hard stool but it definitely isn’t the best method! Wondering why? Laxatives or purgatives use the water within your system to loosen that hard stool within you. Hence using this method in excess can leave you dehydrated completely.

Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse - Cure for ConstipationIt is one of the best techniques to empty your bowel and clean your system is through Colon Cleanse. A lot of colon cleanses available but the best amongst all are the ones which are orally consumed. Reason being, they not only clean the colon but the whole digestive tract. The type of oral colon cleansers that gives out oxygen during the process are considered superlative since the released oxygen enters your blood stream thus giving it a healthy energy boost.

Healthy Eating

It is very important to maintain your colon after cleaning it. Follow diet which is rich in fibre is vital to maintain soft stool. Thus, consuming high fibre diet is the name of the game.