Natural Colon Cleansing

The need for colon cleansing is based on the theory that undigested meat and other foods, medications, and other chemical or substances that we ingest cause a build up of mucus in the colon. Over time, this accumulation of mucus produces toxins which circulate throughout the body through the bloodstream, ultimately poisoning the body. Symptoms of this auto-intoxication may include fatigue, low energy, weight gain, and headaches. The reported benefits of proper colon cleansing include strengthening the immune system, improving mental outlook, weight loss, and reducing the risk of colon cancer.

For colon cleansing, the best thing you can do is drink plenty of water. It is essential to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. Regular consumption of water will give your body the liquid and lubrication required to flush out the harmful toxins and waste from the body in a natural manner.

Here are a few foods which will help in the natural cleansing of colon

Natural Colon CleansingApple juice – Drinking apple juice regularly encourages bowel movements, breaks down toxins and improves the health of the liver as well as the digestive system.

Cod Liver Oil- This oil not only acts as a lubricant but also helps release the bile which is necessary for digestion.

Bentonite Clay-Drinking bentonite clay should be part of your regular colon cleansing regimen. You will benefit because of the bentonite clay’s action as an intestinal cleanser and gastrointestinal regulator.

Alfalfa- It helps to soothe the entire digestive system and colon. This will keep you from having cramps or spasms, especially if you haven’t done any colon cleansing or detox routines lately.

Apple Cider Vinegar-  Apples are a powerful colon cleansing food. Apples are high in pectin, a compound that removes toxins in the colon and strengthens the lining inside the intestines.

Garlic- Garlic acts as an antioxidant helping to reduce inflammation and to cleanse the colon for improved digestion, absorption of food nutrients and elimination of wastes and toxins. Crush a clove or two each morning and swallow them whole or add some to your salads and food dishes for some tasty, yet powerful colon cleansing compounds.

Natural Colon CleansingDulse- It is also known as kelp. Dulse usually comes in tablet form. Dulse helps in the motion of the thyroid gland. Thus, it helps blood circulation, to circulate much better. Good blood circulation helps to eliminate any deposit toxins about the body.

Flax Seeds– You will find that flax seeds are rich in healthy fats and fiber that encourage healthy digestion and cleanse the colon at the same time. The healthy fat they contain, omega-3, has been shown to reduce inflammation and stabilize cell walls. These seeds are also high in soluble fiber, which binds with the foods you eat, optimizing the digestive process.

Beet juice- This juice is an excellent colon cleanser as well as a laxative.

Psyllium seed-  Psyllium is a bulking agent that promotes bowel regularity. It can be used regularly, as opposed to harsh stimulant laxatives which should only be used occasionally. It makes stools softer . It is believed to be a good intestinal cleanser because it makes waste matter move faster through the digestive system, with the result that toxic substances spend less time in the body, thereby reducing the risk of colon cancer and other diseases.